Paneer (L)


Paneer (L)

Soft and versatile paneer, ideal for creating delicious meals.

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Nutritional Information

Buddhabhumi Paneer is a premium dairy food prepared by coagulation of buffalo milk. Generally, Paneer is a cherished dairy product in South Asian cuisine, renowned for its firm texture and delicate flavor. This versatile cheese is not only a culinary delight but also a nutritional powerhouse, packed with high-quality protein, essential fats, and calcium, promoting muscle growth and bone health. Paneer seamlessly integrates into a variety of dishes, enhancing both taste and nutrition. Popular recipes include “Paneer Tikka,” a spiced, grilled delight; “Palak Paneer,” a nutritious spinach-based curry; “Paneer Butter Masala,” a creamy, tomato-based dish; and “Paneer Bhurji,” a quick and flavorful scrambled paneer. Whether added to rich curries or refreshing salads, paneer elevates everyday meals, making it an indispensable ingredient in many households.

Nutrients Approx/100 gm
Energy(Kcal) 265
Milk Proteins(gm) 20.8
Carbohydrate(gm) 1.2
Milk Fat(gm) 18.3
Cholesterol (mg) 107
Calcium (mg) 208
Phosphorus (mg) 138
Sodium(mg) 36


Health Benefits: 

-beneficial for vegetarians who need to meet their protein requirements without meat.

-regular consumption of paneer can support bone, and teeth health due to providing a significant amount of calcium and minerals.

-helps in reducing body fat improves metabolic health and supports Weight Management.

-Improves the digestive system, improves the immune system, and keeps the heart healthy.

Milk Used

Buffalo Milk


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